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My name is Sarah Abell and I am a Photographer, Graphic Designer, and Web Designer in Nashville, TN, as well as Northern Alabama.

I strive to be different and I want my clients to feel nothing less. The work I produce for you will be one of a kind. Your personality will jump off the page when you see it because I am going to make sure it is unique to you. I am always searching for the best location/idea and storing it in my pocket until the right person comes along that it fits.

I continue to study modeling and how to direct someone when they are in front of the camera. So if you feel awkward in those moments, I will be right there to coach you through it. We also all have features about ourselves that we are hyper aware of and never want to see in a photograph. Before we even take one photo, I will have conversations with you to find out these types of things, then I will be hyper aware of them while I am shooting. I can shoot different angles, different lighting etc. to avoid those features as much as possible. Also, any that need to be corrected in post production, is not a problem either. I will use my extensive training to make you look your best, just like the Victoria Secret models I have editing in the past.


My love for art began in a darkroom during high school, shooting and developing rolls of film. I owe my career path to a graphic designer who took the time out of his busy schedule to spend a few hours with me. It was after visiting with him I saw how I could combine my love of photography and web design with other graphic design skills. I received by Bachelors in Graphic Design at Watkins College of Art, Design & Film and then I obtained a Commercial Digital Photography degree at Nossi College of Art. During college I got a part time job with County Music Association (CMA) cataloging all of their photographs from the early years. During that job I got to meet a lot of inspiring people who taught me how to grow as a photographer in ways I never thought I would.

Some of the events I have covered include: CMA Hall of Fame Induction, CMA Fest, CMA Awards, Vanderbilt Football, Vanderbilt Fencing, Predators Hockey, Cheerleading Competitions, and the Tennessee Titans (4 years and counting)

Along with performances by: Chris Stapleton, George Thorgood, Lily Syracuse, The Henningsens, Ashley Winters, etc.

After college I received a job with a company that edits all of the Victoria Secret model photographs before they are seen by anyone else. I was trained for 6 months on editing everything hair, skin, color, shaping, etc. Those skills I still use today when editing my own photographs.



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