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Have Questions?

Here’s A Few

How does Virtual Assistance work?
I’ll help you and your business reach goals by providing expert support from my own office. I’ll use my software and equipment, which makes it simple and budget-friendly for you.
Why would I need you as my Virtual Assistant?

The biggest reason is that my services are flexible! You might not need someone for 40 hours or a body taking up space in the office. Whereas I can help you with the number of hours you need assistance in my own space. If you only need my services for a particular project, I am more than happy to help with it too! If you’re still not convinced, check out this page.

How do we communicate?
I am available to chat with you via text, email, phone, or video chat. Whichever communication works best for you is what we’ll do. We can also schedule regular meetings to chat through projects if needed. Some projects might require proofing, in which we will use project management tools to do reviews.
How do you organize the workload?

I use project management software to keep track of each client’s work. Once we establish your needs, we will discuss your preferred deadline and how we can achieve that goal.

How do you keep up with the hours that are worked?

I track time within my project management software. When payment is due, I will send an invoice to you displaying the number of hours worked.

How quickly can you complete projects?

Turnaround time is different for each client and each project depending on how complex they are. In our discovery call, we will establish what deadlines are best to meet your needs.

Can you create a custom package for my needs?

You bet! Can’t find what you are looking for on my services page, not a problem. Each person’s needs are different but that shouldn’t stop us from working together. Fill out this form to give me some details and I’ll be in touch. 

When if I need to increase or decrease the amount of hours I need you?

Not a problem! All our business go through high and low peaks. We can adjust your package as need be.

When is payment due?

The type of work I assist you with will depend on when and how often payment is due. We will discuss the details before the project starts.

When will you be available to work?
I work the hours between 8 AM and 4:30 PM CST. During the discovery call, we will discuss your needs, establish deadlines, checkpoints, and availability to ensure the project goes smoothly.
How do you handle vacation and holidays?

I am here to help you gain more flexibility with your life, whether professionally, personally, or both. I also work virtually, so my life can be more flexible. When there are times that either you or I plan to be unavailable, open communication is vital. From there, we can decide what is best to keep things rolling. Options might be that extra work is done before that period or allowing someone I trust to step in temporarily, so we do not fall behind. Whatever the circumstance, we will find a way that works for everyone involved.

2021 Holidays

  • New Year’s Day (January 1-3)

  • MLK Day (January 18)

  • President’s Day (February 15)

  • Memorial Day (May 31)

  • Fourth of July (July 4)

  • Labor Day (September 6)

  • Veterans Day (November 11)

  • Thanksgiving + Day After Thanksgiving (November 25-26)

  • Holiday Break (December 21-January 1, 2021)

What happens after I fill out the contact form?
  • You’ll hear back from me within 24 hours about scheduling our discovery call.
  • We will discuss your needs during the discovery call, establish deadlines, checkpoints, and availability to ensure the project goes smoothly.
  • You will receive a project scope, proposal, and next steps for your review within 24 hours of our discovery call. 
What if I have more questions?

I would love to hear any additional questions you might have! Please email me at

How do I know if you're trustworthy?

Anytime you’d like to see my references, ask, I am happy to provide them. Also, head over to my testimonials page to see what people are saying about me.

Let’s chat! Tell me your exact needs and desires.

A little about me

Growing up in the middle of nowhere, Alabama, I always had a polaroid camera in my hand. So it’s not a surprise I started my journey in a darkroom. I moved to Tennessee over ten years ago to begin my career. I met and connected with so many people who had different professional expertise. My journey has taught me that I can be so much more than a photographer to grow my business. Learn more about my adventures on my about page.

what i do

Administration, Branding, Marketing & Photography