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What is an OBM?

An OMB, or Online Business Manager, is a virtual support professional who manages an online business, including the daily management of projects, operations, team members, and metrics. They will work with more than one client and usually have a broad skill base.

How will an OBM help my business?

As a system, planning, people, and operations manager, they work beside you. You will benefit from their expertise and create space for the ‘other’ things you enjoy doing. Your productivity will improve so that you can spend more time on the fee-earning and growth aspects of your business.

What’s the difference between a virtual assistant and an OBM?

A virtual assistant is a do-er/implementer of tasks delegated to them, depending on the VA’s experience. Their tasks need to be defined and delegated. Meaning this is one more thing you have to manage. An online business manager is involved in your business’s day-to-day running and management. An OBM helps you with planning, project and team management to ensure everything gets done on schedule. This will help free up a lot of your time!

Why should I hire you instead of a virtual assistant or another online business manager?

Sometimes being a mom is stressful enough, so I am here to create organization, operations, processes, workflows for you. I am a mom, just like you so I understand when “life” happens. My goal is to help you navigate the areas within your business so you can enjoy life and be a mom when it’s most important.

What are your normal office hours?

8:30am – 4:30pm CST

Where are you located?

Huntsville, AL

How can you manage my business if you are not physically here with me?

I’ve been working in a virtual space for several years and helping many other mom-owned businesses just like yours. The technology these days allows this to be possible by using communication tools such as Google, Zoom, FaceTime, Email, Clockify, Harvest, ClickUp, Asana, Dubsado, etc.

How long have you been in business?

November 2020

How long have you been helping businesses with the skillset you provide?

10 years

Do you charge a package rate or an hourly rate?

I charge based on the packages I provide and have a custom package that we can tailor to fit your needs.

How long is your contract?
The starter contract is 3 months.
What is the onboarding process like?
When the first payment is made, I will send over a contract for you to sign. Next, we will start gathering all the materials I’ll need to start. Then, we’ll schedule a meeting to go over your current process in depth.
Will I have to share personal information?

You will need to share certain login information and passwords. I will require specific details about you and your business to conduct business professionally and provide a valid contract. I will be storing your confidential information in my LastPass platform, which safely secures the information from anyone else.

How do I contact you?

Email works best.

How long does it take you to turn a task around?

It truly depends on the task. If an urgent need arises and you are a client, feel free to let me know.

Do you ever take a vacation/what happens if you’re out of the office and I’ve hired you?

Any time off will be discussed with you ahead of time.

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