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Recent Work

RJS Jerky Packaging DesignPhotography by: Tyler Blankenship Concept RJS is my family logo. It uses the first name initials of
PUMA Printmaking bag for PUMA CampaignPhotography by: Tyler Blankenship Concept PUMA was an advertisement created for ESPN magazine. Active shots
Best in Show Packaging DesignPhotography by: Tyler Blankenship Concept Best in Show is a retro car detailing kit that would
Naylor Old Fashioned Apple Wine Packaging Label Photography by: Tyler Blankenship Concept Naylor Apple Wine was treated as a high

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Work That Might Interest You

“Sarah exceeded expectations. I.E. – I described my needs as her marketing vendor to foster the best mutual relationship and she didn’t miss a beat. Allocated costs, artwork files to perfection, listening, open-mindedness, etc. – one of, if not the easiest clients I’ve worked with in over 15 years.”

Managing Partner at Regency360

“Sarah has an expansive skillset and a strong work ethic, making her an asset in every project. Sarah is the most detail-oriented person I have ever met, and she ensures every project, no matter how complex, is completed by the deadline.”

Content Marketing Manager at The Ōnin Group

“She is always willing to dive into projects, sort out the tough details, and make sure that everything comes out the other side successfully. I’ve seen her never hesitate to put in extra time to meet deadlines and accomplish objectives.”

Art Director at The Ōnin Group

A little about me

Growing up in the middle of nowhere, Alabama, I always had a polaroid camera in my hand. So it’s not a surprise I started my journey in a darkroom. I moved to Tennessee over ten years ago to begin my career. I met and connected with so many people who had different professional expertise. My journey has taught me that I can be so much more than a photographer to grow my business. Learn more about my adventures on my about page.

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what i do

Administration, Branding, Marketing & Photography