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Reasons Why

Your Business Is Special To Me

Much like our own fingerprints, each leopard’s spots are unique and helps us to identify them.

  • Each of my clients is different from the next
  • I will work with you to customize a service for your needs
  • My clients are not just another paycheck, they are an opportunity.
  • While working with you, I want to not only get to know your brand but you as well.

A little about me

Growing up in the middle of nowhere, Alabama, I always had a polaroid camera in my hand. So it’s not a surprise I started my journey in a darkroom. I moved to Tennessee over ten years ago to begin my career. I met and connected with so many people who had different professional expertise. My journey has taught me that I can be so much more than a photographer to grow my business. Learn more about my adventures on my about page.

what i do

Administration, Branding, Marketing & Photography