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OBM & Team Package

Here’s the Details:

I’ll be working one-on-one with you and your team! We will create a magnificent client experience by improving onboarding and offboarding for your clients; your projects will be displayed so you can know exactly what’s due and what’s ahead; emails will be arranged effectively, so you know what to address, and this will illuminate the uncertainty of missed emails; an organized system will be created for all your projects and files related to the business. Get ready to have the operations of your business solidified! Your team will receive hands-on training, SOPs, and tutorials to help them succeed, stay on track, and gradually take on everything I’ve put in place for your business.

Don’t have a team yet? I can train someone new instead!


3 months of

Client Management

Project Management

Email Management

Tutorials and more!

+ 1 Month of

Team Management

Team Training

Team Tutorials and more!

Need More?

Add on any of these services:


Appointment Scheduling

Business Automation

Email Campaign Management

Event Coordination

Data Entry

Meeting Agendas

Meeting Summaries

Office Suite Expertise

Research & Analytics

Vendor Invoicing


Branding Slick (Reference Sheet)

Business Card Design

Envelope Design

Letterhead Design

Logo Design

Social Account Management

Social Media Advertising

Social Media Assets

Social Media Graphics

Social Media Management


Banners & Event Materials

Car Wraps


Printed Materials

Website Analytics

Website Audit

Website Design

Website Management











Working With Me Is Simple


Book a consultation call

Pick a date that works for you then
complete the pre-call questionnaire!



Let’s chat about it

On the call we will dive into your
business’s needs, goals & expectations!


Decide if we are a good fit

You’ll receive a proposal the day of your call compiling all the information you provided.

This is for you If…

Your budget isn’t set up for long-term investment but you can afford an assistant at a lower cost.

You’re looking for systems, processes, operations set up.

You’re looking for business guidance and troubleshooting.

You’re looking to invest in someone for a short period who could organize your business for you.

You’re wanting to focus on the big picture items and less on the day-to-day.

This is for you If…

Your budget isn’t set up for long-term investment but you can afford an assistant at a lower cost.

You’re looking for systems, processes, operations set up.

You’re looking for business guidance and troubleshooting.

You’re looking to invest in someone for a short period who could organize your business for you.

You’re wanting to focus on the big picture items and less on the day-to-day.

Kind Words From Others


"Sarah has an expansive skillset and a strong work ethic, making her an asset in every project. Sarah is the most detail-oriented person I have ever met, and she ensures every project, no matter how complex, is completed by the deadline."


Content Marketing Manager at The Ōnin Group


"Sarah is super attentive to details. She expressed genuine concern about my wants, needs, and expectations. I know that she will go above and beyond to ask questions because she truly wants to please her customers."




"I would tell anyone considering working with Sarah to do it! Sarah's background provides her with experience in many different complementary disciplines that all work hand in hand to enhance the final product. Meanwhile, she has the creativity and flexibility to consider any request. Sarah will create a collaborative working relationship that allows her to find out what you need and exceed your expectations."


Customer Care Representative


“Sarah was so nice and took time out of her day to meet with me. She walked me through how to navigate WordPress step by step. It was clear that Sarah had an abundance of experience with website building and was very knowledgeable on the subject. Thank you for your help, Sarah!”


Upcoming Social Media Strategist


“I have tremendous respect for you professionally. I think you are an excellent project manager and an all-around very cool gal. I am really happy we got to cross paths and work together. I think you a great example of grace under pressure. Thank you so much for everything you've done for us!”


PM+Certified Coach


“I have never been a fan of spreadsheets but had a big project that needed to get done. Sarah was just the woman to take care of it. She was kind and professional, and proficient. She was great at following up when needed to keep us on track to complete. Thank you, Sarah!”


Owner of Clerification, LLC


"Sarah exceeded expectations. I.E. - I described my needs as her marketing vendor to foster the best mutual relationship and she didn't miss a beat. Allocated costs, artwork files to perfection, listening, open-mindedness, etc. - one of, if not the easiest clients I've worked with in over 15 years."


Managing Partner at Regency360


"She is always willing to dive into projects, sort out the tough details, and make sure that everything comes out the other side successfully. I’ve seen her never hesitate to put in extra time to meet deadlines and accomplish objectives."


Art Director at The Ōnin Group

What now?

How It Works

  1. All the necessary materials will need to be shared along with your last quarter’s analytics. A meeting will be scheduled to go over in-depth your current process and areas of stress.
  2. A plan will be set in place for handing items off to your current
    team or new hired assistant.
  3. At the beginning of each week, you will receive communication with the items that will be worked on, and at the end of the week, you will be notified of what was accomplished.
  4. Throughout the quarter the improvements implemented will be tested and discussed at length to ensure the best process.
  5. By the end of the quarter, the organization and operations of your business will be reinforced! You and your team will receive hands-on training, SOPs, and tutorials to maintain its effectiveness.

Have Questions?

Here’s A Few

What is an OBM?

An OMB, or Online Business Manager, is a virtual support professional who manages an online business, including the daily management of projects, operations, team members, and metrics. They will work with more than one client and usually have a broad skill base.

How will an OBM help my business?

As a system, planning, people, and operations manager, they work beside you. You will benefit from their expertise and create space for the ‘other’ things you enjoy doing. Your productivity will improve so that you can spend more time on the fee-earning and growth aspects of your business.

What’s the difference between a virtual assistant and an OBM?

A virtual assistant is a do-er/implementer of tasks delegated to them, depending on the VA’s experience. Their tasks need to be defined and delegated. Meaning this is one more thing you have to manage. An online business manager is involved in your business’s day-to-day running and management. An OBM helps you with planning, project and team management to ensure everything gets done on schedule. This will help free up a lot of your time!

Why should I hire you instead of a virtual assistant or another online business manager?

Sometimes being a mom is stressful enough, so I am here to create organization, operations, processes, workflows for you. I am a mom, just like you so I understand when “life” happens. My goal is to help you navigate the areas within your business so you can enjoy life and be a mom when it’s most important.

Let’s chat!

Tell me where you need more time.

what are the facts?


A Little About Me

I moved to Tennessee from Alabama to start my career in design. I quickly met and connected with many people who had different professional expertise. Over the years, I’ve worn a variety of hats and have come to realize there are specific hats I am good at modeling, and those are the ones that people value the most from me. My journey has taught me that I can grow my business by being my best self for many people instead of one single entity. 

what i do

Help mom-owned businesses run their companies effectively.